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Keep on Running May 21, 2013

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So after talking with my runner friends post Boston bombing, I have been inspired to take up running.

After a month or so of my new fitness endeavor I’m remembering why I don’t run–it sucks. Ok, it doesn’t suck, more accurately I suck at it.

I like the idea of running. Actually I think what I do is actually “jogging” –which in my definition is slow running in dated shorts. Whatever you call it (running, jogging, collapsing by the side of the trail to vomit), I like the idea of being out there, just me and the landscape and the sound of my own breathing (maybe a bird or two). But then it starts to get difficult, and then it gets more difficult and it just keeps going and going and going like that.

I think my runs have been 2 or 3 miles. My runner friends go out for 20-plus. I don’t have that many thoughts, or that many songs I actually like on my iPhone. And while we’re on the subject of playing music while I run, does it technical count and “stopping” if you’re just pausing to switch to a better song? Because who the hell can run to Jewel? Not me.

Talk to a runner and they usually say they were born for it. They love it. Their bodies were built to run. I do believe that some people are more suited to it. I’m just a little too clunky, too curvy–and then there’s that weird noise my knees make…Maybe I used to be a runner. There was that victory at the 1980-something Turkey Trot (seriously). But then I gave birth and activities that involve jumping up and down cause me to uh, lose control (and not of my enthusiasm). It’s too bad because there used to be nothing I liked better than a good jump on the trampoline.

But those are just excuses.  I can get a box of Depends. I can get my knees scoped. I can get a longer playlist. But I think the real thing I’m really going to need to make this running thing work is focus. I have to find a way to get in the zone and think about the running and not the stopping.

I think I can do it if I think about my runner friends and how they lost some of the glory they worked so hard for when those bombs went off in Boston. And somehow it feels like my running will make me part of their community and show the bad guys that nobody can stop us from putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward.