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Daytripping February 21, 2012

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“Sorry you have to go skiing on a Saturday,” my husband said in a tone only slightly less somber than the one he used when they found skin cancer on my shin.

In our household, skiing on a weekend is something to be avoided at all costs. I know what you’re thinking, well some of us have real jobs and skiing on the weekend isn’t an option. To which I say, why do you think I became a freelance writer?

The Monday before I had been at Mary Jane and seen maybe half a dozen skiers my first three runs–so yes, I’m spoiled.

It was with great trepidation that I rose before the sun Saturday and left my family sleeping to head up to Loveland. From my garage in Fort Collins to Floyd Hill I needed my radar detector. From Floyd Hill on I needed satellite radio because there was nothing to do but sit in traffic and listen to it.

As I marveled at the poetry of Eminem’s lyrics to “My Name Is” (My brain’s dead weight. I’m trying to get my head straight. But I can’t figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate. They just don’t write them like that anymore.), I looked around at my fellow daytrippers.

We’re a mixed crowd. Mountain men with long tangled beards and duct tape holding their glasses together alongside college students squeezing three across the back seat of an aged Honda Civic. Yet here we all were heading for the high country for the same reason: a long overdue snow fix.

On the lift later that day I rode up with three different people who were out for the first time  this season. Their sentiment was all the same, “We’ve been waiting for the snow–but we’re tired of waiting.”

The crowd at Loveland wasn’t bad. The only line I waited in was to get my sandwich toasted at lunch. The snow wasn’t bad either. Anytime you have coverage on a pitch like Cat’s Meow it can’t be all that thin. They were teasing us by running Lift 9, but not quite ready to open it.

I left at 2:30 and was home it time to take a nap with my daughters. Proof that that daytrip is still well and good–except I still can’t get those Eminem lyrics out of my head.


Time to get with the program February 15, 2012

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So, the new Out West section launched in the Denver Post today, announcing “four new voices.” I’m one of those new voices/columnists; the one without a blog. So, here we go. As a long-time newspaper columnist, I’ve always gotten paid (although just barely) for my writing, so that’s been my resistance to writing a blog. That and the fact that I’ve barely had time to tie my shoes since my daughters came into the picture, much less write down my musings. So this is my test missive. If you’re reading this (first of all bless you), know that there is wit, keen observations and humor ahead–as soon as I figure out how to actually post this.